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Leatt Brace Moto-GPX Neck Braces

The Leatt prophylactic neck bracing system is design for all levels of motorcycle, motocross, karting, and auto racing drivers alike. For fitment instruction on Leatt neck Braces please view the video below. This video includes the minimal assembly of the brace, as well as all fitment guidelines to make your neck protector fit perfectly.

Leatt Braces are designed and manufactured by motorcycle enthusiasts and medical professionals to prevent injuries such as:

Each of the above injuries can be extremely hazordous to your health and may cause paralysis or even death. The Leatt Brace is designed to bring the head to a gentle stop in the event of a crash which will minimize the possibilities of the above injuries. With the Leatt neck bracing system impacts that would otherwise be absorbed by the neck are transfered to the shoulders, chest and back.

Moto-GPX Leatt Braces are compatible with all types of motocross and sportbike helmets while allowing the rider to maintain a wide range of movement. All Moto GPX braces are designed for offroad use on ATV's, motorcycles, and UTV's. Tested and endorsed by BMW, KTM, SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) and MSA (Motorsport South Africa).